Dry Goods Produce Delivery In Hertfordshire

Pasta in a glass jar lying on its side

In addition to premium fresh fruit and vegetables, we also provide a comprehensive range of dry goods on a wholesale basis. Both the fresh produce and dry goods are available on a next day delivery basis with no minimum order requirements.

Whether you’re buying supplies for a small restaurant or pub or a larger business like a hotel, school or college, look no further. Town and Country specialises in supplying and delivering high quality products, including fresh produce, dry goods and dairy to businesses in Hertfordshire.

Our range of dry goods include:

  • Cooking Chocolate: Callebaut Blocks/ Drops
  • Condiments: Salt / Peppers/ Vinegars.
  • Bouillon: Chicken/ Beef/ Lamb / Vegetable.
  • Flours: Strong White/ Wholemeal/ Plain/ Self Raising/ OO Grade,
  • Pastry: Filo / Short Crust a cutting board with eggs in a basket on it and a packet of flour next to it
  • Sauces: Mustard / Brown Sauce / Ketchup / Mayonnaise / TarTar / Horseradish.
  • Sugars: Granulated / Caster / Icing / Soft Brown / Demerara
  • Pasta: All varieties available
  • Cooking Wine: White and Red / Cooking Port.
  • Oils: Olive / Pomace / Sesame/ Rapeseed / Veg oils
  • Breadcrumbs: Panko
  • Tinned Goods: Plum Toms / Pulses / Capers / Marinated Olives / Gherkins / Beans.
  • Non-Food: Blue Roll / Cling Film / Tin Foil etc.
  • Rice: Arborio / Basmati / Jasmine / Long Grain

You can place an order for dry goods solely for your restaurant or business, or simply add it to your fruit and vegetable order for everything to be delivered in one batch.

Contact us today for an extensive list of all the dry goods, dairy and fresh produce we have available as well as the price list.